Bullying is not a new phenomenon. Bullies and bullying have existed for thousands of years in different disguises. Bigger armies have picked on smaller armies, gangs have picked on individuals, and big people have picked on smaller people. These days you might find all types of bullying in politics, law enforcement, and in every walk of life. Bullying, while not new, is much easier today, due to social media and the ability to bully someone without them knowing who you are. The problem has further become a national one, because we now constantly see proof of bullying, thanks to cell phones and other various means used to record instances of violence.

We at Rock’em Extreme want to stop bullying before it starts or end it while it’s going on. We want to challenge both sides to a “fair fight.” The challenge is based on the competition of rock climbing and other physical activities. These activities may assist the bully in using his or her energy in a more productive manner by allowing them to release the frustration that may have been built up and thus resulted in the negative expression of bullying. It also would give the person being bullied an opportunity to work out in an atmosphere that promotes an environment driven by positive reinforcement.

We have developed a credo that forms the basis of our manifesto. It is as follows:

  1. I will treat others the way I want others to treat me.
  2. I will not interfere with the rights of others to believe or act in way that I would not, as long as it does not harm someone.
  3. I won’t mock the beliefs of others that I do not agree with or that I do not understand. I will try to understand and accept others the way I would want them to accept me.
  4. I won’t bring others down to make myself feel better, but I will bring myself up to better accept others.
  5. I will celebrate individuality; I won’t ostracize.
  6. I will help someone in need, because I would want someone to help me if needed.
  7. I won’t follow the group (pack mentality) when the group is wrong, mean, or insensitive.
  8. I am cool because of who I am, not because of what someone says I am.
  9. If I’m angry or frustrated, I will talk and/or work it out, and not hurt someone, including myself.
  10. I have a choice to use my energy in a positive way or a negative way. I will use my energy in a positive and productive way, because that will help bring out the best in me and others.
  11. I realize that friendships transcend barriers, but I won’t find that out without giving people a chance.
  12. I will always be disciplined, show honor, learn, and be confident.
  13. If I know of anyone being bullied, I will notify someone with authority.
  14. I will not use social media, or any other means, to help participate in the bullying of anyone for any any reason at any time.
  15. I will notify someone at rockemnotsockemextreme@yahoo.com, anonymously, if I know of any instances where a member of the facilities was involved in any bullying instances.
  16. I will notify someone at rockemnotsockemextreme@yahoo.com, if I am being bullied and need help.
  17. I understand that Rock’em Extreme is a no-bullying facility, and therefore, management reserves the exclusive right to terminate my membership privileges if I am involved in any bullying-related incidents, either inside, or outside of the facilities.
  18. I understand that if I’m under 18 years of age, this must be signed by my parent or legal guardian on my behalf.

Anyone who wants to participate in any of the activities offered by Rock’em Extreme must subscribe to this credo and these tenets or they cannot participate. We are here to help stamp out bullying, not perpetuate it.

By Entering your email and submitting you have agreed to the Anti Bullying code of ethics.