We believe that people spend way too much time on electronics, which interferes with their ability to collaborate, socialize and interact with one another. Our space focuses on positive interaction, challenges and inclusion, which is why we think it’s a perfect place for a school trip, but don’t take our word for it. See our reviews on FB, Google or Groupon. Does your school have a bullying problem, well maybe we can help? You could take them to the movies, but aren’t they distracted enough already? Come see why our School Trips are truly one of a kind, and become the envy of your colleagues. Our trips include the following:
1)   Orientation, supervision and instruction on the use of all equipment
2)   14′ and 35′ climbing with harnesses
3)   Ninja Obstacles including monkey bars, peg boards, cargo net, warped wall and more
4)   2/1/2 hours of exclusive use of the space
5)   $16.00 per person without food/$22.00 with 2 slices and drinks for everyone (teachers are always free)
Book 60 or more people and each teacher receives 2 day passes, and a donation to your PTA of 2 day passes.